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Genetech's unique fasteners (dozens of types and thousands of variations) provide strong threads in sheet metal too thin to be tapped and have enabled the development of many thin-metal designs that otherwise would not be possible.

Self-clinching nuts:

Genetech offers various types of self-clinching nuts such as Floating nuts (GTALA), Flush nuts (GTF), Miniature nuts (GTFE) and the most common ones (GTS, GTCLS, and GTCLA).

Self-clinching nuts provide strong internal threads for component attachment or fabrication assembly. The clinching action of these nuts takes place of the fasteners side of the thin sheet with the reverse side remaining flush and smooth.

Self-clinching studs:

Genetech's Self-clinching studs are used where an attachment must be positioned before fastened. Flush-head studs are usually specified, but variations can be requested for high torque, thin sheet or electrical applications. Different kinds of material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 300, Stainless 400, Aluminum, and Phosphor Bronze are available.

Self-clinching standoffs
(blinded, thru-hole, Spring-Top or thin-sheet type):

Genetech's Self-clinching Standoffs are designed to allow components to be distanced from a panel. Generally, the Thru-hole and Blinded type are the standard. Genetech also support any customized version of standoffs, i.e. Round Head instead of Hexagon type.

Miniature Fasteners:

Genetech applies a special black dry-film lubricate to the miniature fasteners (GTFE, GTFEO) for well-performed locking and reusability. Fasteners of Stainless Steel (GTFEX, GTFEOX) are also available.

Other Self-clinching fasteners:
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Floating Fasteners:

The thread of Genetech's floating fasteners, fully capture the retainer shank, achieves additional support and strength in the assembly process.

Panel Fasteners or Captive Screws:
GTPF-series, GT47-series and GT51-series
Genetech's Panel Fasteners or Captive Screws (most spring-loaded) are usually applied on enclosures when the screw must remain with the door or panel. These fasteners offer the advantages of ease of assembly and quick panel removal without loose screws. They are pre-assembly and manufactured in a range of thread size and assorted screw lengths to satisfy the widest range of application demands.
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Brass and Stainless Steel Inserts
for Plastic Injection Industry

Genetech's threaded inserts offers a wild range of fastening solutions to the engineers when making use of different kinds of plastic material. Various type of Threaded Inserts, including the standard ones and customized ones, are designed to meet the requirements on the chosen plastic material (Thermoplastics or Thermosetting); Installation Methods (Cold-installed, Direct Heat or Ultrasonic Vibration, Automated or Hand Installation) and, of course, fastener characteristic (Pull-out force, Direct Torque, Headed or Stud, and Locking Effect).

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Thousands of Interconnect parts liked Round or Hexagon Standoffs (Female, Male, Male-Female, and Female-Female), Spacers and Precision Handles are available. Genetech exports these items to the world-class distributors in US and Europe.

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Equipped with advanced Auto-lathed machines and CNC machines, Genetech manufactures the precision parts upon client's requirement on dimension, material and surface finish, and tolerance.

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We welcome any drawing including dimension with tolerance; and material with surface finish for quotation.