Mission Statement

Corporate Values
We strive to provide our customers with Good Values, Efficient cause aNd Effluence support ideal for superior product quality. Not to forget, the Trademark to your Ebullient Cachet Hallmark.

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Corporate Profile
GENETECH PRIVATE LIMITED was set up in Singapore on 18 February 2003 so as to better serve our regional customers. Our representatives in other divisions at Bangkok (Thailand), Shanghai and Suzhou (China) while the manufacturing facility is located in Dong Guan, China and had obtained ISO 9001 Certification since year 2002.

We primarily specialised in Self-Clinching Fasteners, Threaded Inserts and OEM Customised designed metal components. Our quality products are mainly used in electronics, telecommunication, medical devices, OEM computer manufacturers, and automation. Our objective is to provide all our customers with better solutions in their fastening needs with competitive pricing. By doing so, we have invested heavily in research & development.

Our factory is well equipped with more than 200 Auto lathe machines, 6 CNC auto lathe machines, Centre-less Grinding Machines and other machineries that handle finishing products and performance/evaluation tests. The finished products are strictly inspected for quality before we deliver to our respective divisions where these divisions will double ensure their quality against our customers' requirements before actual deliveries.


Product Ranges

Self-Clinching Fasteners
Panel Fasteners
Threaded Inserts
Handles & Spacers/Standoffs
Customized Precision Turned Parts